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How to Create a Dynamic Appointment Website with OceanWP & Crocoblock

Sulthan 22/01/2023

Are you looking to build a dynamic appointment booking website? For those who think it’s hard to deploy, there’s good news – it’s not. Nowadays, you don’t need developers, coders, and designers. You just need the right tools.

In this article, you’ll find out what makes a good appointment website. We’ll take you through the whole site creation routine and hand out the tools we’ve used. In the end, you will figure out how to create a booking system using just OceanWP and several Crocoblock plugins.

What Makes OceanWP & Crocoblock Great Together

  • Visual site-building. Since Gutenberg is a visual block editor, website developers can save time switching back and forth between the admin panel and the front-end. It’ll suffice to create a page structure in the editor and ensure the front-end version looks the same.
  • Fewer external plugins. Forget about separate plugins for custom post types, forms, booking management, custom fields, etc. To get the appointment functionality up and running, you’ll need two Crocoblock plugins only.
  • No middlemen. It means that developers do not have to rely on designers. You can take a demo template by OceanWP, rework its layout as you like, and add Crocoblock dynamic functionality to it.

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